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If you haven't heard, Make a Wish GTS is back with all new features. Register for an account to download shiny and event Pokemon for free on your Gen IV and Gen V games (DPPt/HGSS/BW)!

The giveaways change every day and you can even request for a unique Pokemon. For easy updates/reminders on your LJ friends page, just add makeawish_gts!

All the instructions are here. Once you REGISTER for an account, you can even customize the giveaway Pokemon (nickname, moveset, held item, and more). You can even transfer your favorite Gen IV Pokemon over to Black/White without the use of 2 DS systems!

(If you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQs, the Make a Wish GTS creator is great at responding to members!)

DW Female Giveaway

Offering, Eevee, Vulpix, Dratini, and Lapras. All legitimate, bred from my females I got from the Dream World. All these pokemon are females with their DW exclusive abilities. All level 1, can be nicknamed and/or infected with Pokerus upon request.

I will accept fodder, but I'd love if I can get any of the following pokemon or one in their evolutionary relatives. Weedle, Diglett, Bellsprout, Magnemite, Qwilfish, Cascoon, Volbeat, Spinda, Duskull, or Glameow. Especially DW females if possible or chain bred males. Any other pokemon that has great stats and has either a beneficial nature or 3 IVs that are 31 would also be lovely. 
Limit, only one of each species per person.

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TAYLOR/ 0991-1424-7479
I got a scyther with a metal coat ready to evole, can somebody do a quick trade and trade back for me?

Also can somebody trade me any one of the three stagres of Electabuzz so I can fill in that big gap in my Pokedex? Name something breedable you'd like and I'll see if I can make it happen.

My friend code is 0647 6415 2978 name is Joel

Trades are done, thank you.
These are legitimate, but cloned from the originals that I've collected. The Victini is from the Japanese movie event, and both the Jirachi and Celebi are from the Gen III PokePark event (hence why their dates are different).
If I've already given you a pokemon from pokewifi, don't ask for another one lol, give the others a chance~

I'll take nicknamed fodder as always (no Patrat, Purrloin or Tympole please, lmao. I will cancel if you try to trade me one of those), no reservations and one per person:

Ability: Victory Star
Nature(s): Mixed
Moveset: V-Create, Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Searing Shot

Ability: Serene Grace
Nature(s): Hasty
Moveset: Psychic, Helping Hand, Rest, Refresh

Ability: Natural Cure
Nature(s): Lax
Moveset: Heal Bell, Safeguard, AncientPower, Future Sight

I'll be eternally grateful if anyone could give me a:
  • DW Hoothoot ♀
  • Baltoy

Comment with your name and FC if you want one!

FC: 0776 3556 1985

DW Females

Still on the hunt for some Dream World Females, hopefully now more people are familiar with DW 8)


NOTE: I'm only offering Dream World females for other Dream World females; I WILL NOT accept fodder. So this is not a giveaway.

Natures/Levels don't matter, and I don't mind clones, just no poeksav/hacks!

  • Dratini

  • Swinub

  • Minccino

  • Drifloon

  • Lapras

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pretty much done, got Priority DW's 8')

Looking for some starters..

I'm looking for three starters, Bulbasaur, Chimchar, and Turtwig. I have some other starters that I have an abundance of, so I don't mind trading them for the starters either :x (Or just giving away the starters I have, considering that I have so many @__@;;) but yeah!

The natures/genders can be found here, on pokewifi!

Larvesta Giveaway

Each Larvesta is Lv1 and has BUG BUZZ, Flamethrower, Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp. Now you have NO EXCUSE to quickly level up one of these beauties into a flawless Volcarona!

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It's pretty simple. I want either a Growlithe, Poochyena or Houndour with two or more (if possible) of the egg moves I've listed. Or all three if you're willing to make that offer. Since I really want a wide array of OTs and puppies with varied movesets, I'm willing to reward big for the whole hassle of breeding. Click the lj-cut to see what I will trade in return for it~
I'm favouring Houndour offers the most, since I only have two as of right now, but I'll be just as happy to take in the other two if they have the moves and abilities I've listed!

Any nature, any gender, Intimidate or Justified ability, must be nicknamed, preferably low-levelled.
Wanted moves: Snarl, Iron Tail, Double-Kick, Thrash
Any nature, any gender, Flash Fire or Unnerve ability, must be nicknamed, preferably low-levelled.
Wanted moves: Nasty Plot, Beat Up, Punishment, Feint, Spite, Thunder Fang, Nightmare, Snarl
POOCHYENA (Haha, you guys are awesome ♥)
Any nature, any gender, Run Away or Rattled, must be nicknamed, preferably low-levelled.
Wanted moves: Me First, Fire/Ice/Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch, Snatch

And in return, I'm offering~Collapse )

In case you're wondering what I want all of these puppies for, here is my currently expanding army.

NAME | Jessi
FC | 0776 3556 1985


LF Growlithe/Arcanine :)

Looking for a Growlithe or Arcanine. I now have one thanks to1sickpuppy_139!
Can be any gender, have any nature, and any ability.

I would much appreciate this pokemon, as it will be a gift to a lovely friend <3

But if one so happens to have an Impish nature with Intimidate ability.. omg. want. But, really any Growlithe/Arcanine will do nicely. ;)

I can offer: Deino, Charmander, Rufflet, Yamask, Axew - (Ones I've recently bred)
If you want something specific.. I could possibly breed something for you, but my selection is kinda slim. Sorry :(

Oh, and if anyone has an extra Fire Stone...
I can trade Water Stone/Moon Stone/Shiny Stone/Dusk Stone for one.

Thanks in advance!

Trainer: Mala
FC: 2623 1939 6518
(Time Zone = UTC - 6 hours)

"Free" legendary for a quick tradeback!

I need my Machoke to evolve, so the first person who offers to help with a quick tradeback may receive any one of the following:

Shiny Suicune - Lv30
Suicune - Lv40 - "NEPTUNE"
Suicune - Lv100 (Calm) - "SHIVA" [Hydro Pump, Rest, Sleep Talk, Roar]
Raikou - Lv40 - "OZAI"
Groudon - Lv50

AANG || 0003 2597 6617