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Newly hatched Baby Pokemon need homes

In my quest to breed the Kwizats Pokemon I've been breeding left and right and now I got a bunch of leftover babies that are taking up space in my boxes that need homes. So here they are.

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Only one trade per person

Post your friend code and perferably an instant messenger handle to make contacting you easier, like AIM or yahoo.
Turn voice chat off.
In return I'd like a Mienshao named KABAL like the Mortal Kombat character with a Hasty nature. or at least something with a heart scale or an evolution stone you're willing to toss away.

My code is 0175 0600 8408

Fighting type requests

Can anybody get me a male hasty Mienshao named KABAL, a male Scrafty named STRYKER with Moxie and a male Toxicroak named ROLENTO? In return I can get you eggs of any starter Pokemon you want for each one. Name the starter Pokemon and its yours.

My White version code is 0175 0600 8408

Charmander/Deino Giveaway!

Well, my boxes started to fill up after attempting the Masuda method with a few pokemon. (Still no luck, but I'll keep trying) But for now, I need to do a bit of spring cleaning. So I'm giving away some Charmander and Deino babies!

Fodder is acceptable, nicknamed preferably. Not required.

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Money-making Items (Nuggets)
Evolution Stones
Random Gen I - IV Pokemon

Trainer: Mala
FC: 2623 1939 6518
Status: Offline

Charmander or Squirtle, anyone?

I currently have 9 Charmanders to give away!

Modest x1, Relaxed x1, Quirky x1, Mild x1, Brave x2, Calm x1, Gentle x1
Jolly x1

And currently have 9 Squirtles!

Jolly x2 Gentle x2, Timid x1, Lax x1, Brave x1, Relaxed x2
none! D:

Can trade for fodder, but if you have one of the following starters it would be much appreciated.

Looking for:

Totodile, Bulbasaur, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip

Please comment with your info
Name: Enalon
Friend code: 2580 2512 6673
Status: Offline

Changed to a Giveaway

Hello! I have a bunch of lvl 1 babies up for trading if anyone is interested. They're all not nicknamed. I have Pokemon White. I'll keep updating this because I have no life. dododo. Fodder is fine.

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Any pokemon not bolded here
I like dittos of any natures. :D
I also like mystery eggs. ;D

Name: Lily
Pokemon White Friendcode: 1034 0662 3760
Status: Too lazy to update this so just leave a comment. I'm probably around.
Voice chat off please.

Updated May 16, 2011.

[CLOSE]Eevee+Others Giveaway!

This giveaway's closed
Don't worry, I'll hopefully be holding more of these in the future.

Hello to you all! Love 'em or hate 'em, I've kind of gone overboard with breeding Eevees. Thus I've decided to hold a give away since I'd probably just use the hatchlings as future breeding tools... rather than letting that happen I want these guys to go to good homes.

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looking for a few pokemon/items!

looking for
- a caught male cryogonal (one you could rename to: Verglas) - shiny would be epic, but regular is just as nice
- amulet coin
- pp ups/pp maxes
- whatever arceus plates i can get (especially: ice, fight, dark, psychic and steel)
- exp. shares (i have 2, i'd like at least 2-3 more)
- any legendaries you'd be willing to trade off
- a ditto, shiny or foreign if i can, for breeding
- any unobtainables for BW (essentially fodder from other regions for when i get national dex)
- a pokemon with flame body (slugma or magmortar preferred)
- master balls

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Trainer: Sierra ONLINE
FC: 4169 4123 2438

Mini Gothita giveaway. (4 left)

I have a few Gothita I don't really need. I'll take anything in return for these guys (though White exclusives would be nice since I haven't started my copy of White just yet, and a Ditto would be the cat's pajamas xD). One is trained a little, but the rest are untouched.  They're all nicknamed, but names can be changed on request. I'll almost certainly do a bigger giveaway once I really get into the swing of breeding, so if these get taken and you need one, feel free to let me know anyway.

I've provided a bunch of info about them 'cause I keep it for my own purposes anyway. All the info should be correct, but the IVs are mostly inexact (the minimum and maximum possibilities from Serebii's calculator are provided in most cases), and there's always the possibility I made a typo somewhere. >_>;;

FC: Myo 0819-3069-6911  
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[PUBLIC] Assorted Giveaway

Random giveaway of Cryogonal, Tirtouga, Bulbasaur, Unova starters, and more!

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