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DW Female Giveaway

Offering, Eevee, Vulpix, Dratini, and Lapras. All legitimate, bred from my females I got from the Dream World. All these pokemon are females with their DW exclusive abilities. All level 1, can be nicknamed and/or infected with Pokerus upon request.

I will accept fodder, but I'd love if I can get any of the following pokemon or one in their evolutionary relatives. Weedle, Diglett, Bellsprout, Magnemite, Qwilfish, Cascoon, Volbeat, Spinda, Duskull, or Glameow. Especially DW females if possible or chain bred males. Any other pokemon that has great stats and has either a beneficial nature or 3 IVs that are 31 would also be lovely. 
Limit, only one of each species per person.

Eevee/ Anticipation:
1.) Bold/ Alert to sounds (has gone to dandeliondragon)
2.) Modest/ Mischievous (has gone to gleeky_me) 
3. )Lax/ Alert to sounds
4.) Modest/ Somewhat vain (lol)
5.) Adamant/ Somewhat vain (Has gone to patokichi)
Vulpix/ Drought:
1.) Serious/ Strongly defiant
2.) Lax/ Mischievous
3.) Lax/ Capable of taking hits
4.) Careful/ Very finicky
5.) Brave/ Likes to thrash about
Dratini/ Marvel Scale:
1.) Naive/ Often lost in thought
2.) Naughty/ Highly persistent
3.) Docile/ Sturdy Body (has gone to dandeliondragon)
4.) Relaxed/ Capable of taking hits
5.) Rash/ Capable of taking hits
Lapras/ Hydration:
1.) Quiet/ Quick to flee
2.) Mild/ Somewhat vain
3.) Brave/ Alert to sounds
4.) Quiet/ Somewhat vain
5.) Brave/ Quick to flee

TAYLOR/ 0991-1424-7479
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